Making a Difference

My true inspiration comes from helping women reach their full potential! Anything is possible with leadership, tech education and influence.


Favorite organizations:

Causes I am passionate about:

  • Women in technology. With 56% of professional U.S. jobs held by women, they represent only 25% of IT jobs. Where are the women in the tech sector? Did you know that ROI is 34% higher at tech companies with more women in management? That women on tech teams boost problem-solving and creativity? Inspiring and supporting ambitious tech-minded women is one of my passions. As Co-Organizer of the 2014 International Women’s Hackathon, sponsored by Microsoft Research – Cal State San Marcos location, we have launched and will continue to participate in this annual event to empower more San Diego female students in computer science. 
  • Education reform. Test results from the 2013 PISA exam, show that U.S. performance results remain flat and math scores rank below the median compared to other countries’ students. In other countries such as China, student curriculum includes programming, but in the U.S., most student curriculum does not. With the explosion and speed of technological change in our world today, I support social leaders that foster digital literacy, coding and innovation in our children and communities. I believe it is essential to our future labor force and economy.
  • Curbing the global obesity epidemic. With more than 40 million overweight preschool children, 1.4 billion overweight and half a billion obese adults globally, the solution seems to require a population-based multisectoral, multi-disciplinary and culturally relevant approach to prevention and management. I am a Health Coach and love to help people lose excess weight and educate them on the healthy habits required for long-term optimal health. I am also a firm believer that companies can not only help address the obesity epidemic but can benefit by harnessing human capital value through a culture of health. Education
  • Youth unemployment & underemployment. Following a global financial crisis, we are experiencing a severely weak job market and (moderately improving) economy. The global youth unemployment rate is expected to reach 12.8% by 2018. Add to this, a seeming lack of incentives for talented professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurship in America. One way we can address this issue is through changing our “mind-set” to include innovation, entrepreneurship education, plus modern professional skills development. Partnerships between businesses, universities, organizations and governments could provide or promote such community services.
  • More to come!